3 Signs You Should Have Your Speedometer Checked

Reading and reporting your speed is one of the most important jobs your car should perform. It’s important to know when you’re in need of digital speedometer repair service so that you and others can stay safe while out on the road. Here are the three biggest signs that something may be up with the meter on your dashboard.

1. Unreliable Functionality

If the needle of your speedometer only works intermittently, then that’s a sure sign of a problem. Even if there are times when the device is operating normally, inconsistencies are a definite red flag. You might see this manifest in a needle that doesn’t move from zero, even when you’re obviously accelerating, or else a blatant inaccuracy in the speed that’s being reported.

A speedometer that’s working off and on is unreliable. Not knowing the speed at which you’re actually traveling can be dangerous.

2. Unsteady Needle

Another sign that may be present is the unstable movement of the needle. It might be reporting mostly accurate speed, but it tends to shake or waver uncertainly as you speed up or slow down.

If your car is equipped with cruise control, then watch out for this defect when you’re using it. The needle should stay firm and steady with slight variations to match road elevation; dramatic movements are uncommon and should be examined and addressed as soon as possible.

3. Illuminated Check Engine Light

The check engine light is never something to mess around with, but especially not when you’ve noticed something abnormal with the speedometer. While it’s instinct to ignore the warning, your car is trying to tell you that something isn’t right, and you should listen. When this alert pops up in conjunction with any odd behavior from the gauge, it’s time to get the vehicle checked out.

The ability to communicate vehicle speed to the driver should always be functional. A good speedometer ensures that traffic keeps moving safely.