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Top 5 Retro-bikes to Buy

Well, neo-classics are coming back with a bang. Motorcycle showrooms can be taken back in time and fit right in (ok, slight exaggeration). But almost all companies have something retro on their portfolio. The trend is now at its pick in this modern market with neo-classic bikes like Royal Enfield and Triumph living their best lives.

The truth is history now comes with an attractive price tag. Most retro-bikes today have that traditional look without sacrificing the current riding experience and tech. All these models are a work of art but with minimal storage and wind protection.  Any motorcycle import dealer would love to partner up with you for these bikes.

Kawasaki  Z900RS

This bike is not only an art piece but a game-changer in the biking world. Based on the somewhat angry Z900, it is fitted with a retro seat, de-tuned engine, and wire-spoked wheels. The modern LED light is masquerading as traditional light and the engine is painted black with machined mock cooling fins.

It has a cool dash that appears retro from afar but it has all the modern details you expect from a modern LCD.

Power: 110 bhp

Engine: Incline 4

Capacity: 948 cc

Triumph Speed

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What should you know about tire balance?

Unbalance, or imbalance of the wheel is a dangerous malfunction that causes a number of negative phenomena: deterioration of car’s controllability and stability, breaking of suspension and steering parts, deterioration of tires prematurely, decreasing of the level of comfort in the cabin (due to increased vibration and ratting of plastic panels). Let’s give a small example. At a speed of 100 km / h, the load on a 14-inch wheel with a 20-gram unbalance is comparable to strikes on a tire with a three-kilogram hammer 800 times per minute.


It is very simple – the wheels need to be balanced both during replacement and repair, and periodically during exploitation (in winter – every 5 thousand km, in summer – every 10 thousand km). Almost all car owners are aware of this, but some of them have already had situations when balancing did not give a positive result. There are some definite reasons forit, one of them is a bad choice of garage.

Many believe that the wheels can be balanced at any pit stop. In fact, it is not the truth. Not all balancing equipment can cope with any design and size of the disc Read more

Take Your Love of Cars to the Next Level

You love cars. However, simply owning a car and reading the latest car magazines may not be enough to truly fulfill you. Instead, there are plenty of other things that you can do in order to you’re your love of cars to the next level.

Open a Service Center

If you already know a ton about cars, think about working on them. There are plenty of franchise opportunities that will allow you to get a franchised repair shop. This will allow you to be around cars more often. Plus, you can build a reputation for your knowledge about cars within your community.

Attend More Car Shows

Some amazing car shows are located all over the country. You may want to visit more of the car shows as a way to see some of the older model vehicles. Some of the shows are auctions, too, allowing you to put a bid on vehicles that are no longer on the market. This means you may finally be able to own the car of your dreams.

Build from the Ground Up

There’s nothing quite like building a car with your bare hands. There are plenty of kits that you can buy that will Read more

3 Signs You Should Have Your Speedometer Checked

Reading and reporting your speed is one of the most important jobs your car should perform. It’s important to know when you’re in need of digital speedometer repair service so that you and others can stay safe while out on the road. Here are the three biggest signs that something may be up with the meter on your dashboard.

1. Unreliable Functionality

If the needle of your speedometer only works intermittently, then that’s a sure sign of a problem. Even if there are times when the device is operating normally, inconsistencies are a definite red flag. You might see this manifest in a needle that doesn’t move from zero, even when you’re obviously accelerating, or else a blatant inaccuracy in the speed that’s being reported.

A speedometer that’s working off and on is unreliable. Not knowing the speed at which you’re actually traveling can be dangerous.

2. Unsteady Needle

Another sign that may be present is the unstable movement of the needle. It might be reporting mostly accurate speed, but it tends to shake or waver uncertainly as you speed up or slow down.

If your car is equipped with cruise control, then watch out for this defect when you’re Read more

How To Car Air Conditioning To Stay Cool

Air Conditioning (AC) car does have an important function in a car. Although its existence is not to affect the performance or main function in the car, the presence of air conditioning in a car will support comfort in driving. No wonder if all the latest cars are now equipped with the cooling system even supported with the latest technology to support the comfort when in the car.

As one of the features that exist in the car, of course, car air conditioning components need to be given care for its function still running well. If not then will make frequent problems that will disturb the working of the car cooling system. One of them is car air conditioner that is not cold. Usually many people who consider this problem caused due to freon out. So that the owners of vehicles just stay looking for ways to fill freon air conditioner car back. Though not all causes of AC is not cold due to the problem of freon air conditioner cars run out, there are several other causes such as:

AC hose leak caused by the long life of the wearer or the use of spare parts that are not Read more

Cara Daftar SBobet Is Launched And Get Press Release

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