How To Car Air Conditioning To Stay Cool

Air Conditioning (AC) car does have an important function in a car. Although its existence is not to affect the performance or main function in the car, the presence of air conditioning in a car will support comfort in driving. No wonder if all the latest cars are now equipped with the cooling system even supported with the latest technology to support the comfort when in the car.

As one of the features that exist in the car, of course, car air conditioning components need to be given care for its function still running well. If not then will make frequent problems that will disturb the working of the car cooling system. One of them is car air conditioner that is not cold. Usually many people who consider this problem caused due to freon out. So that the owners of vehicles just stay looking for ways to fill freon air conditioner car back. Though not all causes of AC is not cold due to the problem of freon air conditioner cars run out, there are several other causes such as:

AC hose leak caused by the long life of the wearer or the use of spare parts that are not original.

The damage that occurs in the evaporator and condenser due to age or the presence of dirt.

The damage that occurs in the compressor component, usually this will appear the sounds coming from inside the engine room.

To avoid these things that can cause the AC is not cold anymore, it is important to treat your car cooling system. Well, this shrunk there are several ways to care for car air conditioning that you can do.

  1. Keep Hygiene Car Floor and Carpet

The first way you can do is to clean the interior of the car, especially on the floor and car rugs. Hygiene Alantai car pad certainly makes the air in the car cabin will be clean. So the work of the AC filter is not burdened too hard in filtering dirt and dust.

  1. Clean the Car AC Condensor

When you are going to wash the car, try to open the hood and spray the water slightly on the Condensor AC car. Usually, this section is in front of the radiator and has the same shape as the radiator. So that dirt and dust that stick can be cleaned perfectly. If there is dirt and dust that sticks and then harden can cause corrosion which eventually makes leakage in the AC condenser.

  1. Choose a Shady Parking Area

Try to always park your vehicle in a somewhat shady place if you intend to park for a long time. If parked in a hot place, once you enter the car cabin room becomes quite hot and requires a long cooling. And the gal is causing the car air-conditioning load to follow high.

  1. Resting AC While Traveling Away

When you are traveling far, then try to rest your car air conditioner for some time. And after the conditions in the car cabin a bit hot, then you can revive. The purpose of this way is to be able to rest the car air conditioner so it does not continuously work to cool the car cabin and avoid the risk if there is freezing on the car air conditioning channel.

  1. Make sure Fan Extra fan Works

Always make sure if the fan exhaust in front of the condenser always works when AC condition is turned on. If the extra fat dies when the Ac condition is alive, it will cause the risk of damage to the compressor and may even cause the compressor hose to explode when used.

  1. Try not to smoke

Do not smoke in the car, this will cause cigarette smoke to pollute the evaporator because the nicotine in cigarettes will be sticky and even cause unpleasant odor and hard to lose. Also, try not to open windows too often when the air conditioner is turned on. This will even aggravate the car air conditioning that causes the car air conditioner is not cold anymore.

  1. Turn off the car before the engine is turned off

Familiarize yourself to stop the car air conditioner first before the car engine is turned off. And this also applies otherwise, make sure if the condition of the car air conditioner is off when you will turn on the car engine. In addition, turn on the car air conditioner after the machine work is really stable.

  1. Check Filter Condition Routinely

Use a cab filter that works to filter to prevent dirt and dust from being inhaled into the evaporator. Also, do regular checks on your car’s cab filter. For this, you can ask for help mechanical workshop when you are doing routine service. Do not forget to change the cabin filter if the age of its use is long enough.

  1. Perform Routine Checking

How to care for other car ac by performing periodic checks on the components inside the car air conditioner. Not only cleaning parts such as cabin filters and evaporator only, but this check is also done to determine if there is damage to the car air conditioner. So that damage can be repaired quickly and does not interfere with the work of other components.

Car air conditioning can periodically provide many benefits of car air conditioning that can be cold durable and durable use and make the air out to be cooler and healthier. So it is important to always check the condition of the car air conditioner in order to always good condition. Well, that was some way of car ac care you can do regularly. Hopefully, the above information can be useful for you.